We are interconnected and interdependent. The happiness of one impacts the happiness of all. By harnessing the potential of another today, we ensure the world a brighter tomorrow.


Peace is possible

We build self-sustaining, peaceful societies by investing in programs that awaken the potential of those who hurt most around the world. We believe that peace is a basic human right and that everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive and express their unique gifts.

The problem + solution


In regions beset by violent conflict, the impact on mental health is devastating. Sadly, these same areas often lack adequate mental health services. Without intervention, violence persists.


Violence starts and ends in the mind, so that’s where we begin. We equip beneficiaries with the knowledge and life-skills needed to cultivate compassionate, peaceful minds and communities.


Countless lives have been uplifted through mind-body disciplines. Scientists are now putting millennia of anecdotal evidence to the test to learn how they promote health. Learn more >


Nibbuti's mission is simple: Peace. It became our founder’s life purpose while hostage in Sudan. Upon her release, she discovered a training to realize just that. Learn more >

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