Q. What does nibbuti mean?

A. Nibbuti is an ancient Pali word that means peace, happiness and the allayment of suffering.

Q. is nibbuti a religious organization?

A. No. Our teachings and practices are universal.

Q. Where does Nibbuti work?

A. We serve select communities around the globe.

Q. Where does my money go?

A. Donations support projects where funds are needed most. Examples of programs funded include the development of education curricula, clean water and sanitation in project areas, emergency medical care for students, uniforms and education supplies, meditation/mindfulness and trauma-sensitive yoga instruction, and teacher training.

If you would like your contributions to go toward a particular program, you can make that designation by contacting Donor Services at giving@nibbuti.org. If you would like program progress reports, sign up for our newsletter to receive updates from the field.

Q. may i send material support?

A. Nibbuti and its partners buy program materials locally. This helps us further cash contributions by avoiding shipping costs while supporting the local economy.

Q. Who designs Nibbuti's programs?

A. Our programs are designed in collaboration with beneficiaries, experts in trauma and peacebuilding, psychologists and scholars, and project stakeholders.

Q. What is Nibbuti's employer identification number (EIN/TAX ID)?

A. Nibbuti's EIN is 47-1823177. Our legal name is Nibbuti International, Inc.

Q. How do I obtain an additional copy of the tax receipt for my donation?

A. Please email your request to Donor Services at giving@nibbuti.org.

Q. How do I update my contact and/or credit card information?

A. Please email Donor Services at giving@nibbuti.org and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Q. How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

A. Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of Nibbuti's email. Alternatively, you may email your request to info@nibbuti.org.

Q. How do I inquire about opportunities with Nibbuti?

A. Visit our act page to learn of volunteer, fundraising, and career opportunities.